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WestNet Computer Forensics and Network Security Professionals in Los Angeles

WestNet provides Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery), Data Recovery, Expert Witness as well as Network Security and PCI Compliance Assessment Services.

At WestNet Forensic Services we can help you secure your critical digital assets. We can identify your IT security risks, exposures and vulnerabilities to cyber threats such as viruses, Trojans, and hackers. If you're looking for an external security analysis, penetration test, or a security assessment, we will help!
PCI Compliance

WestNet Computer Forensics has expertise with all types of cases where electronic stored information needs to be recovered, processed and analyzed. We are based in Burbank and Service Los Angeles and Orange County Area.

WestNet works with all types of businesses including individuals, small businesses, law firms, government agencies and fortune 500 companies in assistance with electronic data discovery.

We Provide IT Investigation, Computer Forensic, Security Audit and Litigation Support Services

As is often the case with security compromises, it's not a matter of if your company will be compromises, but when.
Computer forensics is the preservation, identification, extraction, interpretation , and documentation of computer evidence. Often digital forensics is referred to as "the scientific acquisition, analysis, and preservation of data contained in electronic media whose information can be used as evidence in a court of law."
Cyber activity has become an important part of the every day lives of the general public. According to the EC-Council, eighty-five percent of businesses and government agencies have detected a security breach. The Examination of digital evidence has provided a medium for forensic investigators to focus on after an incident has occurred. The ultimate goal of a computer forensic investigator is to determine the nature and events concerning the crime and to locate the perpetrator by following a structured investigative procedure.

Computer Forensic Flaws and Risks

Computer forensics is in its developmental stage. It differs from other forensic sciences as digital evidence is examined. There is a little theoretical knowledge to base assumptions for analysis and standard empirical hypothesis testing when carried out lacks proper training or standardization of tools, and lastly it is still more "art" than Science.

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