Odyssey Research in Ithaca receives $775K grant

he National Institute of Justice has awarded four grants totaling $775,000 to Odyssey Research Associates in Ithaca under the Electronic Crime and Digital Evidence Recovery Program. These funds will enable Odyssey Research to improve the tools and technology needed to retrieve forensic evidence in an accurate, accessible and efficient manner, U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y, announced Monday in a news release. Odyssey Research Associates is a subsidiary of the Architecture Technology Corporation, and conducts advanced research and development in computer security and reliable systems, and has a growing research group in information management.
According to the news release:

» The first grant, $275,000, will improve the capabilities of NIJ-funded Mac Marshal, a digital forensics tool used by law enforcement that extracts and analyzes forensic information specific to Macintosh computers.

» The second grant, $275,000, ATC-NY will develop Mobile Marshal, a forensic data extraction and visualization tool that operates on backup files generated from mobile devices.

» The third grant, $125,000, will be used to make improvements in efficiency and reporting capabilities to P2P Marshall, a program that allows digital forensic examiners to examine files that have been shared on a target computer through peer-to-peer technology.

» The final grant, $100,000, will allow Odyssey Research Associates to make enhancements to Mem Marshal, a computer forensic software, by significantly increasing the efficiency of investigators through increased Mem Marshal's automated evidence gathering capabilities.